About the Film

Original Music By: Rick Sutton

Edited By: Christian Sutton

Executive Producer: Joy O’Neal

Directors of Photography: Christian Sutton & Rick Sutton

Produced By: Rick Sutton & Sheila Sutton

Written & Directed By: Christian Sutton

Photo: Reid Pickett and Abby the Horse



Words & Music By: Rick Sutton

Performed By: David Sutton

Produced By: Rick Sutton, David Sutton, & Matt Miller

Chasing Down the Sky Kid’s Choir:

Kayla Allison, Sophia Dailey, Keira Allison, Katie Green,

Mark Allison, Mollie Kate Green, Seth Allison, Calla Gum,

Angelina Dailey, Caroline Gum, Gabriella Dailey, Ephraim

Joseph, Isabella Dailey, Justin Joseph, Veronica Walker


Special Thanks to:

Barbara Joseph and Dr. Chris Walker

Our Incredible Red Barn Family of Students,

Parents, and Volunteers

In Memoriam:

Americana’s Flight and Abby